10 Reasons Why Self Financing Colleges Are Rocking


    If you think that getting admission in any government college is the best thing that can happen to you, then you are absolutely wrong. Though government colleges do have a vital role, it is the self-financing colleges that deserve the most credit for boosting up the youth and education sector. By providing the students with excellent teachers and incredible facilities, they make sure the students always gets the best and they pass out of the colleges in flying colors. To be precise, they are the backbone of our country.

    Here are 10 reasons why self-financing colleges are simply the best:

    1) Never miss your parents.

    The self-financing management makes sure that your parents can keep track of your daily activities by providing them SMS alerts and daily reports. They also arrange for Parents-Teachers meeting frequently, so that you get a chance for meeting your parent within the college time itself. This helps in the development of a good parent-child bonding, as parents tend to be more lovable after every PTA meeting.

    2) Opportunities for Soft skills Development

    One of the prime aims of self-financing management is to develop your extracurricular activities. This includes perfecting your writing skills, by providing you with class tests, series tests, model tests, revision tests, retests, open book tests, surprise tests etc. Also to provide you with enough relaxation time and entertainment, they arrange for workshops and other fests. Luckily, they won’t let you participate in it so that you can save your college time for studying alone.

    3) Equality Among Students

    Keeping away from the social injustices like caste/religion based discrimination, they make sure everyone gets an opportunity to sit on the front bench. Through the tactical use of the best technology our country has ever produced called “Bench Rotation” (awarded as best innovation by the UNESCO), every student gets equal opportunity to sit on the front bench and to observe things on a closer level.

    4) Specific Placement Training
    self financing college comedyGetting you placed for a job is the ultimate mission and vision of self-financing colleges. Hence, they train you right from the start to ace aptitude tests and prepare you to talk on group discussion topics like “How Demonetization has affected Mars”. They provide a mechanical engineering student with enough coding lessons to grab that IT job in Infosys or TCS. They also provide moral support by making your parents believe that getting placed means “Life Settled Forever”.

    5) Population Control

    Self-financing colleges apart from providing educational opportunities also play a role in controlling the ever increasing population of our country. They make sure that quite a few of their students suicide every year by pressurizing them with love and care or even torturing them physically by advice, lecture etc.

    6) Inculcates early habit of savings and Self-dependence

    The teachers in self-financing colleges want their pass out students to be capable enough to deal with the financial difficulties of life. Hence they train their students to have the habit of savings. By providing them opportunities to pay huge fines for little mistakes, the students get to learn how to arrange funds without the knowledge of parents. Finally, at the time of graduation, these students will be so financially capable that they will forgo the caution deposit they have given for the college.

    7) Your Voice is Always Heard

    One of the best things about self-financing colleges is that they hear your voice no matter how small it is. They monitor your social media profiles, arrange spy network in hostels, staff rooms, classrooms etc. so that every little comment of yours is heard and immediate action is taken. Most of the actions taken include free distribution of suspension letters, dismissal letters, and reduction in internal marks. Also, if your voice raises beyond a limit, they make sure that nobody hears that voice anymore!

    8) Your Safety is Their Concern
    self financing college security officersJust like arranging bodyguards in pubs and clubs, the colleges have arranged for strict security including specifically trained security guards with latest weapons. CCTV cameras in and around the college are always watching you, to save you if someone from the other gender tries to interact with you. They have also arranged for cameras in toilets so that ISIS won’t attack you there!

    9) Saves You Precious Time and Money

    rsz_aanandan_industrial_visitGiving an unbelievable respect to your parents’ cash and to your time, the college managements do some amazing things like cutting short the days and venues for Industrial Visit. This way, the students can devote much of their time for studies and their parents can save money. We should appreciate the fact that such decisions by the college are of much relief to economically backward students. Further, less traveling means less risk of getting sick. Not even parents would take such good care of students’ health.

    10) Provides Nutritious Food

    self financing college hostelDue to the busy schedule of life, some parents are not even in a position to ensure the proper diet for their children. In such cases, colleges assume the role of a nurturing mother, providing delicious and healthy food to all students through canteens and hostel mess. They also keep a check on obesity among students by avoiding Chicken in Chicken curry, Fish in fish curry, etc. This leaves students with a satisfaction of having spent their money on a chicken curry, yet they did not take in any unwanted calories, how clever is that?

    Self Financing colleges have made such an impact in our society that no Govt. college could ever have done. All those who are pass outs from such colleges and those who are still studying out there should take this opportunity to share the proud moment.


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      Cld u write something of GOVT.Colleges..Like promotes self study, makes us self sufficient..makes do with less facilities..etc