Has The Art Of Troll Lost That Clever Humor and Become Evil?


Trolls and memes are an integral part of our life these days. To be specific they are unavoidable and socially relevant. They represent common man’s grief, their opinions and speaks loud for the cause. Their matter is genuine, so are their audience. But for the past few months, troll and meme carry something which is an alarming matter to be discussed.

In the time when trolls and memes used to rule the social media, most of them highlighted the matter/cause for which they are made. The trolls were made from the film screenshots or from certain clips available on the internet. The one indulged in making trolls puts their creativity to good use and edit the screenshots by adding suitable dialogues and thus, one perfect troll/meme will be up that sarcastically talks about an important matter. At times when the rules and authorities were of no use, they served the cause. They became one of the main weapons to raise the voice in social media.

But in the past few months, the trolling pattern has witnessed a tremendous change these days. A large number of groups have officially formed for this purpose. They allow their members to post their creative skills in the form of trolls and express their opinion about a trending topic. Along with all these, a large number of unhealthy practices have been indulging in the troll world these days. Trolls are being used as a tool by a group of people to insult and provoke their rivals. For example, the fans of a particular star can use trolls to degrade another star’s movie. Recent trends point to the fact that these degrading trolls too play a key role in the negative response to a film.

Though at first the trolls dealt with the cause, now most of the trolls are being aimed at character humiliation. From the use of words like “Le Njan”, now the trolls carry photoshopped images of politicians, officials, famous personalities etc. It is not something illegal to be practiced, but day by day these trolls are crossing the lines of insulting one person in public or rather is defaming a person.

Outspoken troll
Outspoken team receives a message

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Every one of us has the right to freedom of expression, but do we have to publicly shame a person? Is that our right? If we believe that we are all equal, then how would one of us feel if a group of people strategically attacks him/her. Same is the way with celebrities. The whole point of this article is to highlight the fact that trolls have turned their focus to individuals than highlighting the cause for which they are made.

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Criticism’s should be wise. It’s high time to analyze these petty methods of defaming and insulting and control it if it’s wrong. At any cause, it isn’t right for a person to intervene in someone else’s personal matters and that too in a mocking way! It is a true fact that right to express serves the backbone of Indian constitutional system, but not at the stake of a person’s respect and rights. I agree to the fact that certain trolls are based on constructive criticism but a large number of them intend to insult and degrade, be it a person or a project. I’m not trying to hurt anyone through this post, but I think it’s right to hit the nail at the right time. I mean no offense but want to emphasize my point that every criticism should be healthy.