A Father’s Advice: Don’t Up Take Doctor Profession My Child


    The 12th standard results are about to be announced and in parallel, the students are done with their medical entrance exam. While most of the parents believe that going for the medical course is the best thing ever in their child’s future, I myself as a father would request my child not to go for the same. Shocking? Well, I have serious reasons to support my point.

    Gone are those days where the doctor profession is said to be the most prestigious and sacred one ever in our country. Right now, it is the riskiest and dangerous profession ever to be in. The amount of physical assault a doctor gets no matter whether he did good or bad is immense. The entire society finds it easy to put the blame on doctors, but none of them actually cares to give a comment on the effort put by the doctors.

    Quite recently, a doctor working in a government hospital was rushing towards the ward to treat a struggling patient. In the meantime, a call from the ICU came and the doctor was forced to run towards the ICU. Once he reached the ward, the angry bystander physically took on the doctor claiming him to be irresponsible. This is just one among the daily happenings in our country. There are cases where the doctors are seriously beaten up and the hospital premises are destroyed.

    My priority is my child’s future. When such incidents are increasing day by day in our country, how can I say yes to my child’s request of joining the medical course? A number of students who gets admission into the medical course in merit seat are very less. And in addition to it, the donations for the management seat are in lakhs. Should a parent spend all these to make his child a doctor who ought to do service for the society and in parallel has their life at risk. Oh, wait?? You must be considering that all doctors are working just for the sake of looting money right. Who cares about long hours and even on holidays?

    Unlike another job, being a doctor is a committed profession. There should be very fewer chances for errors as it could result in the loss of a life. But does that take away the fact that doctors aren’t humans? Is it right to physically attack the doctors every time one’s demands aren’t met? If you have complaint towards a doctor’s working style or the medicines he prescribes, you ought to complain in a professional way. Let the legal proceedings take its stand rather than your hand.

    I might be wrong as a committed citizen if I ask my child not to take up the doctor profession. But being a father who knows how the society deals with doctors am right in asking my child not to take up the same. Many other parents might be thinking the same everytime they hear about such incidents. It is a serious issue that our society needs to address and I hope the scenario changes in the coming days.