International Nurses Day: 5 Reasons Why These Unsung Heroes Are The Best


    If there is anyone in this world who is extremely committed to your betterment, then it is our nurses. They give all their hard work and effort to their job making sure they provide relief to your pain and comfort to your minds. May 12th being the International Nurses Day, we bring to you 5 reasons why our nurses and the nursing job is the best.

    1) They are extremely committed to their job
    Many complain about their need to work for long hours and in working during holidays. Have ou ever thought about the nurses who are present 24*7 in the hospitals? The work in shifts and are also required to be present in the hospitals even during emergency situations. They usually don’t get enough time to spend with their family and make sure you are benefitted every time you make use of their respective hospital. They hardly complain about their job and even when they complain no one respect their concern.

    2)They do more than their job
    Being a nurse isn’t an easy job as the entire quality of the hospital often rely upon them. Every time they encounter a struggling patient, they try to comfort them and their bystanders pass jokes to divert their mind and ultimately makes sure that the patient is improving their health condition gradually.

    3)They treat everyone equally

    No matter whether you are rich or poor, dirty or covered in blood, nurses are always up without showing any kind of resistance. Even when doctors show a little reluctance in treating patients who are severely wounded, nurses do their job with a smile talking to the patient and cleaning their wounds in the perfect way possible.

    4)Nursing is the toughest job ever and they make it look easy

    Doctors often rely on nurses in their job. Respecting the orders, nurses do their job irrespective of the schedules. Nurses have to learn new things every day as they really don’t have any idea what they are about to encounter tomorrow. Amidst their busy schedules, they often attend seminars, new courses, learn new clinical methods etc so that every time the need is up, they are ready to provide the care.

    5)They are selfless

    Every time you make a visit to the hospital, the first person whom you talk to and share your concerns are the nurses. Taking a note of whatever the doctor shares with you, they look after you, gives you ears to your never ending questions and makes sure you are benefitted in the best possible way. On many instances, they are required to handle 6-7 patients at a time, but they keep themselves calm and will be present the next time a patient makes a call. Regarding the stress, pressure the nurses have a lot to complain about, but keeping the value of their job close to their heart, they ignore the same and do their job in a selfless manner.

    On this International Nurses day, let’s share a moment to appreciate all the nurses for their service to the society. They are simply the best.