Irish Weds Hitha : This Wedding Invitation Will Definitely Touch Your Heart


    Social media has witnessed a lot of wedding invitations. Starting right from pasting the e-version of the original invitation letter to the different kinds of posters, creative invitations etc. The trend got changed with the onset of troll videos and selfies. When every couple is busy thinking about being creative in their wedding invitation, here one couple stands apart with their unique invitation letter.

    Irish Valsamma, who lives in Malappuram posted a small status update on his facebook profile. It didn’t have any flavor of a normal wedding invitation. But it had every bit of love and message that today’s youngsters must think upon. The short and sweet invitation letter has already won the hearts of the social media users.

    Here is the translated version of the invitation posted by Irish:

    “Join us on February 19th Sunday, around 3 pm at our Perambra Kunnumala residence. To share our happiness, to chit chat and have fun, to dance and sing along just join us.
    Without the tradition of any single religious customs, without the touch of gold ornaments and decorations, without the stereotype dowry concept, am tying the lifelong knot with my girl. She has been my shadow for the past long years and now the relation will take its next level.

    Please don’t consider this as an invitation if your plan is to visit us for food. Let me remind you that there won’t be alcohol and no vegetarian food. There is no special invitation or any special guests. And there is no need for any gifts. If you wish to, then you can come and plant a sapling.

    Those who wish to join us in this special moment of our life, do let us know. This is the route. Just get down here and give us a call, the rest will be taken care of.”

    “My marriage should be an inspiration to the society. I didn’t coin this idea to be famous. This marriage follows every bit of the lifestyle that me, my family, Hitha has been following in their life.” says Irish.

    Irish, Hitha and family
    Irish, Hitha and family


    Hitha’s parents raised Hitha and her sister in a very particular way. They refrained themselves from adding religion and caste to their children’s life. Though they had to fight against the odds in the society, they were successful till all this moment.

    When Irish takes his relationship with Hitha to the next level, he has left a strong message to the society which still believes in the senseless business marriage customs and dowry.”I have heard many comments that described my life decisions as the ones for the sake of publicity. But through my life, I really want to give a strong message to them and I really wish to change the concept of marriage.” says Irish.

    When marriages are celebrated with alcohol, great decorations, DJ parties etc Irish wishes to make the occasion special by celebrating it with only LOVE.

    We wish Irish and Hitha, a very Happy Married Life.