These Kindhearted Elderly Women Need Your Help

    kindhearted women

    We write this article in the middle of the situation where half of the Keralites raise voice against the animals in the streets while the rest raise voice to protect them. Keeping the hottest topic aside, we through this article wish to take your attention to two kindhearted souls. These two souls hailing from Kottayam, Kerala deserves your attention and their life situation needs your help.

    Usually, people look at those who tend to offer help to animals with a sense of frustration and questioning eyes. When there are a lot of humans struggling and needs our help, why do we focus on helping the animals? This is the question most of them got to deal with. Does being humans, means we should care only about the humans? We, these two ladies-Ayisha & Ammini Amma are quite different from us and their good-hearted deeds will definitely touch our heart.

    Ayisha is an orphan and has 2 daughters. One daughter got two children and all of them live together along with the animals which they take care off. Ayisha lost her husband and son in law in accidents and it pushed the family into a financial crisis. Both of them were the hopes of the family and losing them, affected the family in all means.

    The family used to take care of the animals keeping aside a little of the money they earned. Even after losing the bread winners, they took care of the animals. Cooking food for them, providing medical aid for them, the family members were closely attached to the animals and they felt it was their need to help the needy animals. They have more than 50 animals with them and Ayisha was confident enough that the almighty will help her in all the way.


    Amminiamma, a 70-year-old widow lives with her daughter who helps her look after the animals in their care. She has 2 daughters (neither married) and 1 son who is a cancer patient.

    amminiThe reason why Amminiamma started taking care of the animals is a special one. A few years back, due to the increasing do population and the dog bite cases, the local municipality decided to kill the dogs in the streets. She saw innocent dogs who roam around in the streets also being killed and felt sad. Ever since that, she started taking care of dogs and cats that are abandoned, hurt or in a needy situation.

    Amminiamma works as a cleaner in a local garage and with whatever she earns, she manages to feed her animals. She cooks nearly 10 kg or rice and feeds the poor animals. She has been looking after dogs for nearly 10 years now and has more than 50 dogs in her care.

    But now, these two women are facing a serious problem in their life. Due to the road expansion and construction of the new bridge at Kodimatha, they are on the verge of losing all that they had. Understanding the seriousness of the problem and their cry for help, we the friends of animals’ Kottayam have decided to do the best we can. But to help them, we are in need of your valuable help.

    We have located a land in Kottayam District to accommodate Ayisha & Ammini Amma and all the animals that they currently have under their care. If we can purchase this land, it would be sufficient to accommodate more dogs and authorize Aysha & Amminiamma to take care of them.

    Those who are willing to associate with this mission may please donate their contributions to our account Friends of Animals Kottayam A/C 67317426625, SBT Kodimatha, IFSC SBTR0000379.

    Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

    Let’s all Join hands for this noble venture. For once, let’s participate beyond facebook posts and be part of a change that will bring change to the world around us.

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    (Rewritten from the article by Friends of Animals Kottayam)