Meet Rajeev Balakrishnan: The Man Who Will Amaze You With His Lifelike Portraits


    Social media has always been a platform that has supported a common man’s skill to the maximum, whatever the skill may be. It has provided such social media users with views, reach, and even business while the viewers had the best time in getting thrilled and amazed watching these unbelievable skills. One such person who has been making the social media users go wow is Rajeev Balakrishnan with the artistic talent.

    Rajeev Balakrishnan

    Rajeev Balakrishnan, through his facebook profile, started drawing portraits of the actors and actress in Indian film industry. He silently posts them in his profile and in no time, it gets viral as his friends who can’t resist the temptation of sharing, shares it in their timeline. He follows a unique drawing and selection style for his portraits. On one side he portrays the handsome and gorgeous heroines who are in the spotlight while on the other side, he portrays the old actors who left the screen but not our heart.

    Rajeev Balakrishnan hails from the Kollam district of Kerala and is currently residing in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. To be precise his drawing skills has indeed made him a celebrity, as every time he uploads a portrait, it gets viral, with appreciations and shares flowing in. He in his busy schedule also makes sure that he responds to the comments of his facebook friends and gives ears to their suggestions.

    Rajeev does all kinds of painting works, while his masterpiece work is the charcoal art. Even many actors and actresses have shared their drawings from Rajeev’s profile appreciating him for the skill and effort. What makes his portrait special is the amount of the detail that he gets into. He makes sure even the minute details of the actor/actress he is going to draw is perfect.

    Thanking his friends for their unconditional love, Rajeev also draws portraits of his friends on their special occasions. If you want to check out some amazing portraits, it’s time you start following Rajeev Balakrishnan. We are sure that you won’t be disappointed, as his skills are a class apart.

    Here is the profile link of Rajeev