Nation Wants To Know- An Exclusive Interview With Blade Bank Of India


    One of the nationalized banks in India popularly called among the commons as State Blade Bank recently gave an announcement regarding their new bank policies. The new policies had features that allow the bank to apply fine on those who don’t keep the minimum balance, for those exceeding 5 atm transactions etc. Most of the customer feedback was against the bank as the commons said that the new policies aren’t customer friendly. Today, the bank announced their new policy of charging rs.25 on every atm transaction. While the social media has gone mad about it, we support the bank and bring to you why these policies are made.

    The bank is financial, mentally and physically going through a crisis. They are not even in a position to meet their daily needs like in giving tea, food, snacks etc to their own employees. In the recent times, the cost of packet milk and sugar has increased exponentially. Did the interest rate increase? asks the blade bank public relations officer.

    The price of rice, vegetables, chicken has doubled in the recent time. How can the bank be able to give biriyani to their employees? We are forced to increase the salary of our employees to meet their basic needs like tea, lunch etc. We don’t have much money with us as one of our valuable customer Mr. Vijay borrowed some for free and has gone out of the station. Hence, we are forced to charge these taxes said the blade bank manager.

    “The blade bank has been kind enough to offer air conditioning in their atm machine outlets. Even when their atm machine is not working, the air conditioners are working. Who else has provided such facilities to the commons? Calling us blade is an indecent way of treating us for our services.” asks the bank officials.

    Here is the brief part of our interview with the Blade bank manager, Dharavi branch.

    7 pm- “Sir, it is said that your new policies aren’t customer friendly. Your comment?”
    Manager- “We were friendly at first. Then one of our friendly customer Vijay Mallya became over friendly and we are yet to recover from the friendship.

    7 pm-“Sir, Why do you plan to charge Rs.25 on every atm transactions?”
    Manager-“We do this because the electricity bill is high. We have provided air conditioning in all atm outlets and my wife house. Who will pay for these? Have we to find the money right?

    7 pm-“Sir, you let a person open account for free and then charge them if they don’t keep the minimum balance?Why?”.
    Manager-“How dare you ask such a question to us. Jio sim was once free and now it is charged. We are also following Jio’s footsteps.

    7 pm-“Sir, recently you decided to merge with other blade banks. Why?”
    Manager-“It’s simple. You can loot more as a group than as one”.
    7 pm-“Sir, your future bank policies?”
    Manager-“Many people are having accounts in other private banks. Soon we will introduce the tax on them called THE OTHER BANK TAX and also we are planning to put the tax on those who escapes these policies by keeping money with them. That tax is called the NO BANK TAX”.

    We hope all of you are enlightened by the new policies of the blade bank. It is indulged only to help you and provide more services for you. Those who are teasing the bank and their new policies are in turn the ones blocking the development from taking place in our country.