How Negative Marketing Boosted The KRK Brand


    Who doesn’t like to get followers in social media?Who doesn’t like to have likes, shares, retweets etc? Well, among the social media users are those who want to be the in the center of attraction and want people to talk about them. And what would they do to market their name or brand? Well, now the precise answer would be to use the technique Negative Marketing.

    Negative marketing is very much different from the usual do’s and dont’s of the marketing theories. It is the implementation of a clever idea in the cheapest way. The ones who stick to it, use their brain to develop a plan initially so that people will talk about them or their brand. The rightful implementation procedure will make sure that when the requirements are met, the negativity in the marketing is removed, and the good image is restored gradually.

    The latest and the perfect example of the ones who comes up with the negative marketing idea is KRK aka Kamaal Rashid Khan. To get the public attention, KRK at first passed shameful comments on the Malayalam superstar Mohanlal. To make sure that Mohanlal fans in Kerala reacts and creates an issue out of this, he followed his first tweet with more helpful comments.
    krk first commentWhen the fans started reacting to the tweets, KRK passed cheap comments on the fans and also challenged them to hack their social media account. After executing his plan perfectly, all KRK had to do was to relax. Instantly media pages who wanted to make use of the opportunity so that they get the likes and reach gave the news that KRK passed shameful comments on Malayalam superstar, KRK insulted Kerala etc.
    krk abusing fans
    What KRK wanted was followers and the so-called social media users even followed his profile, so as to know when the next tweet is coming. Some even searched for KRK, the film he has acted, made trolls out of him, shared his videos, film reviews etc. And that’s the ultimate success which KRK could have dreamt off. He was tolerant to the abuses made by the commons and focussed only on achieving the target he set. In the 3 days time, he got the likes, traffic, Followers, Views, Media attention etc. And at the end, he passed a tweet apologizing to Mohanlal and the fans shared it to the maximum, claiming their victory over KRK.

    krk apologising
    Who gained the most out of this is the question that every person who involved in this issue must ask themselves. In the latest tweet, KRK claimed that he didn’t know about Mohanlal’s films and that he was the superstar in Kerala. Do you really believe that? Is that it? Quite recently Mohanlal won a national award and national media gave articles on his achievement. The entire nation knows about Mohanlal as he has been part of the Indian film industry for years. Moreover, Bollywood stars have passed comments praising Mohanlal for his acting skills and he himself is a Lieutenant Colonel in the army.

    krk fan fight
    While you are reading this article, KRK might be having a very good laugh at us for what we all did. And the most foolish mistake people did was to share his tweet claiming that it was the result of the brilliant effort of the fans. KRK has neatly solved the issue and has placed himself as a person who regrets for the mistake one did.

    It’s not the first time that KRK has passed shameful comments on a famous actor. Every time he wanted media attention, he has passed comments on the Bollywood actors, politicians, religious leaders etc.

    krk commentskrk negative marketing
    What we need to understand is that there are more and more people like KRK amongst us. They pass comments on religious sentiments, social values, celebrities etc so that they become the center of attention in our society. They are doing these things purposefully so that we fall to their plan and give them what they want. While we call them fools, we are indeed the ones who becomes a fool. So it is indeed our duty to put our senses to good use and refrain ourselves from falling into their traps. Our time is valuable and it should be used for deserving things.

    The best practice will be to stick the quote “Think before you act”. Let’s share informatory stuff rather than seconding cheap comments, hoax news etc. Let’s spread positivity than sharing the stuff that doesn’t do good to anyone.