Pink Police Methodology; One of Support Or Suppression?


    Pink police are the latest project implemented by the Kerala Government for the welfare of the society, giving more focus to the safety of women and children. But with due respect to the entire police department which includes pink police, I write this note-

    pink police moral policing
    Pink police talking to a couple sitting in a walkway

    Pink police play a vital role in our society. But do they really know the importance of the job they are handling? Do they really know about the consequences of the role they are playing?
    Today, as I was walking down the streets to reach my office in time, I saw two girls in school uniform and an elder boy being stopped by the police. I was in a hurry to reach the office, but even though I slowed down to watch the scene as my intuitions kept telling me something is not right.

    I noticed that the elder boy was dressed in plain clothes and it was the pink police who have stopped them. The two girls are crying and pleading to the police officer that they are innocent.” We both were walking to the school, that this boy is our friend.” says one of the girl to the officer.

    The policewoman was unmoved to the requests of the girls and I could see the men, women, children in the entire area watching over the scene with anxiety. The policewoman then asked both of the girls few questions, while the police constable asked some questions to the boy. Soon the policewoman took her phone and started dialing few numbers. I believe she might be calling the parents of the school children (Maybe).

    When the lady officer was talking to someone on the phone, the male officer was grueling the crying girls. With all the people in the entire areas staring at the 2 girls and boy, I felt sad for the school children. “What if they are innocent and the boy just walked with them ?” my mind kept reverberating.

    I don’t know whether these girls are saying the truth to the police but I believe this isn’t the way to deal such a situation. If the pink police were worried about the safety of these school children who is walking down the road with a stranger, then public shaming isn’t the way to do it. The entire scene was happening in a busy moving street which has other school children, parents, etc and in no time rumors about the two girls will spread like anything. It can even result in another suicide or depression as the girls may lose the courage to face the society who assumes the girls to be bad.

    Pink police talking to a couple sitting in a walkway
    Pink police talking to a couple sitting in a walkway

    If any of the police officers is reading this or if any official who plays a role in maintaining the law and order in our society, do place some experts in dealing with children and in such situations. At least give a little training to the officers that they don’t spoil up a child’s mental confidence for reasons that she suspects.

    Yes, the pink police have been doing a great job for the society, but public defaming can never be justified for a small girl. One should not treat vehicle checking and advise children in the same way.

    We, hope whoever is reading this will take necessary steps to correct their mistake and we wish the pink police the very best in all their services for the safety of women and children.

    (Based on the story narrated to Team 7pm by Moitheensha V.P)