Are You A Sleepyhead? Few Tips To Get Yourself Out Of Bed


    Waking up early in morning is one hell of a struggle for many of the youngsters out there. If the climate is cold and perfect for a sleep, then getting up from bed will seem to be a distant reality. Almost every one of us is aware of the benefits of getting up early, but sadly many of us are not able to exercise it properly, even though we would like too. Is it really difficult? Well, here are few tips.

    It is said that human beings need a sleep in between 6-8 hours. Only if your body is relaxed, you will be able to perform very well the next day, and hence sleep is an essential part.  Now, those who don’t want to wake up in the morning can have a good read of this article, while those who want to should read it with an open mind.

    Why do you want to wake up in the morning? The answer to the same lies within two ends, either you have to? Or you want to!

    It’s easy when you have to because you don’t have a choice anyway. But precisely to stay in this mode would need a lot of willpower as our brain has the power to convince ourselves by replacing everything that you have to do, with everything that you can postpone.

    If you want to, then that feeling should be special and should help you in supporting your decision to wake up. If you look at the life of great leaders, you can notice that most of them used to wake up early in the morning. They had that special feeling to wake up, work towards success, give orders to get things done and work passionately for their dream.

    The ultimate fact is if you don’t have a desire to be fulfilled by waking up early in the morning, then waking up early is almost a mission impossible.

    If you are looking forward to waking up early in the morning, then at first plan your day properly. Put things in that priority order of your interests, as it should help you to wake up with a smile and do that thing that you always loved to do.

    Once you have to proper reason to wake up early in the morning, the next job to do is to really wake up. One of the easiest ways to change your habit of waking up late is to wake up 5min earlier with respect to your previous time. If you have a habit of waking up at around 9am in the morning and you decide to wake up at 6am, then you are pushing yourself too far. It is a gradual process, and the 5min process will help you deal with it happily. If you do this for 26 weeks, you could end up getting up 130min earlier than the time you used to.

    You can take up this procedure only if you are ready to go to bed early. If you can’t go to bed early in the night, you will end up saying goodbye to the desires and procedures. Just give it a try, it will definitely work out.

    If you resort to stay in the bed after the alarm has done his job, then you are not going to wake up. The burning desire that you have it in your heart ought to come handy in that situation as it should help you to get up the second the alarm has ringed.

    Perhaps, taking the help of a friend might help you in the same. If both of you want to wake up early the morning, you guys can follow this procedure and text each other cursing me for giving this suggestion. But trust me; waking up with a smile is the best for your body. If you both can complement each other, the time you save will be quite useful for both of you.

    If you want to be healthy, then you shouldn’t compromise with the sleep. If you are compromising with the sleep, then whether you realize it or not, you are ruining your health and the negative vibes will surround you irritating you in many ways. It might push you into a discomfort state that you get angry easily; strain in your eyes etc.

    Some people say that it’s hard for them to get into sleep mode, as inside their mind some thoughts will keep reverberating. You will have to deal that first before you take up this procedure. Perhaps listening to good music, reading something that contains positive vibe will help you in the same. One has to let go of all the frustrations, negative thoughts and stress before they jump into the bed. Keeping a good evening routine, in which you take the dinner couple of hours earlier to sleep will help you in getting good sleep.

    Sleep well and try to rise up early. Put sleep first on your priority list because turning blind eye to one’s health will prove very costly later in our lives.