SSLC Results: Why A Parent Needs To Take Advice From Their Child Who Got All A+

    Feature Image courtesy- Binu Kv

    The Kerala state 10th standard board exam (SSLC) results were published today by the education minister. The exams were conducted in march 2017 with more than 470000 students appearing for the same. The results took a little delay due to the controversy related to the mathematic paper, in which the students were asked to reappear again.

    The results are promising as the pass percentage all over the state is 95.98%. It is, in turn, the result of the hard work of both the teachers and students. But every single time when the results are out a common practice arises in our society. A practice where parents, residents association comes up with a flex board of their ward congratulating them for their achievement. Is that a sensible one?

    I’m writing this up not because of any jealousy or grudge towards the students who achieves this amazing feat. It is intended only to those parents who advertises themselves exploiting the effort of their kids. There are so many ways in which their child’s amazing achievement can be celebrated (only if they are looking forward to celebrating). Gifting a good book, toys, asking them what they want in return for this achievement, giving them permission to play instead of asking them to join entrance classes, listening to their plan on what they need to study in the future etc are some plans that give a positive impact on the minds of the students.

    Keeping a flex board or publicizing them to gain some status in society can sometimes bring negative impact. Students are taught to reduce the use of plastic and flex boards in their high school classes. And when their own parents come up with these BRILLIANT ideas, will they be able to digest it? Also, there are children in our society who might end up with an A+ less as compared to the children in the neighborhood. What impact will it make in their mindset? Are you sure such practice will only do good?

    Also what sense does it make when a parent celebrates the achievement of the child and forces him to take science when he/she desires to study for commerce?

    It’s time parents comes up with an idea that has a touch of maturity of their age. Or if they don’t, they ought to listen to their kids. Let’s nurture a positive mindset among the minds of children. I repeat every achievement needs to be celebrated but only in the way it does good for that respective child who put all the effort. A flex board in the roadside publicizing the school name-student name-family name- marks does no good at all.

    NB- Inspired from a point made by Biju Mohan