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Youngsters getting addicted to alcohol, drugs etc have always been a serious headache for the nation. Though the civil, excise officials have been monitoring every nook and corner of our society, the amount of drugs that flows into the hands of students and youth are on an exponential increase. Leaving the youngsters apart, our society is facing a serious situation today with the respect to kids. Most of the kids today are getting addicted to the use of whitener and glue.

Children at first start liking the smell of whitener and glue during their regular use. This liking gradually increases and forces them to do crazy things later. They tore out the last sheet of their notebook and will pour down the liquid from the whitener pen. Sitting in groups they start to inhale the fumes turn by turn keeping it close to their mouth.

Teacher’s Say

“We have seen whiteners and glue sticks in the box of children starting from 5th standard onwards. Though at first we didn’t notice it much and it came into concern when students start smelling the whiteners during the class hours. Observing their actions, I checked the notebook of few students and found that they have used whiteners’ a lot and in areas where there wasn’t any writing. I discussed the same with other teachers in the staffroom and called up one student to ask about this. All the kid got to say was he likes the smell of whitener” said a teacher (Name withheld) to team 7pm

Police Officer’s Say

“There has been a rise in the sale of solvent products, especially among the teenagers and small kids. Since the situation is alarming, we are trying to draw the attention of respective officials and get a ban on the sale of these products” says Joseph Saju, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Narcotic Cell, Ernakulam to media.

The smell of whitener and glues are addictive and are available at low cost. While some kids resort to usual sniffing and huffing, some even go to the extent of pouring the entire solvent into a bucket and inhaling maximum at one go, everything to get high.

Why the situation is alarming is because the pungent smell coming out these solvents that contain toluene and trichloroethane has the potential to alter the memory of human beings.

If one starts using it regularly, it could end up in clearing his/her memory completely.
Teenagers always have a desire to use and play with whatever things that they get hold of during the class time. The smell gives them a slow kick, while prolonged use of it will get the hydrocarbons to infuse easily with the blood cells and affect the central nervous system.

The symptoms that are mainly noticed among this group of kids are rapid mood swings and insomnia. The prolonged use will affect the functioning of internal organs. The action will be much rapid when it comes to kids.


Another shocking fact is the addictive mindset of teenagers that forces them to try mosquito repellents’, turpentine oil, battery water, nail polish removers etc. Without the parent intervention in the right time, this addictive habit will prove detrimental to their lives.

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In most of the cases, parents are not aware of the problems associated with the prolonged use of these products or the after effects of the ingredients in them. When the little ones ask them to get them a glue stick or a correction pen, then do it without any rethinking. The need of the hour is the proper understanding and awareness from both the teachers and parents.

Both of them can play a vital role in controlling this menace. While parents can refrain from gifting these products to children, teachers can ensure that they are not promoting the use of correction pens. Careful monitoring on kids will ensure that they are not using much of the correction pens and glue sticks will in class or at home. Also, awareness campaigns and seminars on the same will help to reduce the risk of the situation.

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